Why I recomend FACETRON faceting machines.

For those interested I have written the primary reasons I prefer the FACETRON faceting machine over all others as I am often asked that question. I am also asked if there are any other machines I recommend. The answer to that question is NO. I have owned many different makes of faceting machines through the years. I have given each at least one year of use before I dismissed it. Most of them were good machines but not good enough to remain in my shop. After trying all the rest I returned to what I felt was the best, FACETRON. Unless anyone else has owned them all they simply aren’t experienced enough to know what I know is all I am saying...

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Faceting Class Information

March 2018

We are now offering classes customized to your needs at $300.00 per day. We recommend beginners take our 5-day class but we leave it up to you.

We provide everything you will need for classes including daily lunch and a book (FACETING WITH JIM PERKINS) to take home at the end of the class.

Most students complete at least three stones in five days, some complete more. We will teach at the speed you are comfortable learning at.

We are close to Cleveland International and Akron/Canton Airports. There is a Quality Inn Motel very close to us.

E-mail us your phone number for more details or to schedule your class. We only teach one person at a time so you will receive our undivided attention.  Classes run from 10:00 to 4:30 with a 30 minute lunch break.




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