Watch for upcoming designs in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine.

If you want a sample of some of my latest designs. Watch for them in Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine. EASY PEAR, HEART OF THE GRIZZLIES and JIM PERKINS ANTIQUE CUSHION FOR PERIDOT (THIS DESIGN WILL ALSO WORK FOR GARNET OR CORUNDUM WITH NO ANGLE CHANGES).

I am also working on a great article about TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION OF FACETERS. Previously I have taught people from all over the world from 16 years old to 80 years old how to facet. Recently my 11 year old granddaughter showed interest and I asked her if she’d like to try faceting. She cut a beautiful 12 millimeter amethyst with no more help than I’d give any student and was anxious to do more. I am going to teach her to cut a trillion for her second stone from lab created ruby. However, this is a fantastic design that will work in any material with no angle changes. I call it LILLY’S UNIVERSAL TRILLION. All of the break facets meet at the same center point, The mains cut in easily, and the crown is a breeze. This design has a 1:1 length to width ratio and I’ve made the instructions especially easy to follow. This may be one of my favorite designs I’ve ever created. The performance is phenomenal. Watch for this article and design in a future issue. You won’t be disappointed.