Why I recomend FACETRON faceting machines.

For those interested I have written the primary reasons I prefer the FACETRON faceting machine over all others as I am often asked that question. I am also asked if there are any other machines I recommend. The answer to that question is NO. I have owned many different makes of faceting machines through the years. I have given each at least one year of use before I dismissed it. Most of them were good machines but not good enough to remain in my shop. After trying all the rest I returned to what I felt was the best, FACETRON. Unless anyone else has owned them all they simply aren’t experienced enough to know what I know is all I am saying. Having said that it doesn’t mean you have to own a FACETRON as your preferences may be different than mine and your standards may be different than mine. Therefore there could be a better machine for you than a FACETRON. However for me there is only one good enough to stay in my shop on a permanent basis and if I didn’t think so it wouldn’t be there. I don’t sell FACETRON because I have to. I sell them because I believe in them and want to.


  1. It is easy to use, durable, it is precise, accurate, repeatable and simple to clean.
  2. It is priced right and I believe it is the best value in faceting machines available.
  3. The fit and finish of the machine is superb.
  4. I cut two stones one on the most expensive machine on the market the other on a FACETRON. There was no difference in the cut quality of polish quality. Therefore I decided to sell the most expensive machine and keep the FACETRON. The difference in price I used to buy good facet rough.
  5. Some machines I owned had to go back on an yearly basis for repairs. In fact the same thing broke year after year. I discussed fixing the problem and the manufacturer refused to consider it. I decided I could do without that annual cost.
  6. FACETRON offers a wide variety of accessories, all you’ll ever need.
  7. Jarvi Tool provides outstanding support. I’ve never needed to use it that much but when I’ve had a legitimate concern they’ve always been very responsive and friendly.

I’ve taught many students to facet. When I’ve asked for their honest opinion about how they like the FACETRON compared to any other machine they’ve cut on they have always said they think the FACETRON is easiest to use. I don’t believe my students would lie to me.

I know most of the people who own the faceting machine manufacturing companies. They are all nice people and I think they all endeavor to make a good machine they believe in. I don’t like to run anyone’s machine down I just like the FACETRON the best
So that’s what I use, that’s what I teach on and that’s what I recommend.


Jim Perkins, Lapidary Artist