Monthly Archives June 2017

Watch for upcoming designs in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist Magazine.

If you want a sample of some of my latest designs. Watch for them in Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist Magazine. EASY PEAR, HEART OF THE GRIZZLIES and JIM PERKINS ANTIQUE CUSHION FOR PERIDOT (THIS DESIGN WILL ALSO WORK FOR GARNET OR CORUNDUM WITH NO ANGLE CHANGES).

I am also working on a great article about TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION OF FACETERS. Previously I have taught people from all over the world from 16 years old to 80 years old how to facet. Recently my 11 year old granddaughter showed interest and I asked her if she’d like to try faceting. She cut a beautiful 12 millimeter amethyst with no more help than I’d give any student and was anxious to do more. I am going to teach her to cut a trillion for her second stone from lab created ruby...

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