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I am pleased to announce I have written a simple and easy to understand booklet on using Gem Cad and doing analysis using Gem Ray for Windows. 47 illustrated pages that make using Gem Cad easy for the average person. The only math needed is addition, multiplication, and simple division. I have included some designs which illustrate all the steps.

SECTION ONE: Creating a “Standard Round Brilliant”
SECTION TWO: How to use a “SRB” or Simple Square to create ovals and rectangle or emerald cuts of any size.
SECTION THREE: Gem Cutting STYLES – why we use different types.
SECTION FOUR: THE PERKINS ROUND BRILLIANT FOR QUARTZ – A complete analysis of the high crown version and low crown version using Gem Ray For Windows, Facet Designer and Gem Cad light ray paths.

PRICE: $30...

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