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By Jim Perkins (with Bruce Harding)
Copyright 2010

I am often asked how to choose good angles for faceting. Some of the answers were published in 19751 and are now available on the Internet at the address provided in the footnote.  One subject is ‘windowing’, which means that light passes directly through the gem without internal reflections; generally when the table is tilted from ‘normal’ (perpendicular) to a line from the viewer’s eye.

This was discussed in the subject article2, which provides charts for common materials. Each of these lists pavilion slopes across the bottom, and the maximum angle of tilt without windowing is listed across the top. Since nothing else matters in the subject of windowing, these data can be listed simply as below:


Note that quartz with 43° pavilion mains...

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Sometimes I think people think I simply wave a magic wand over the front of my computer screen and a new faceting design appears.

Creating an original and new faceting design is a much longer process and requires a lot of knowledge. Designing is a matter of experience and compromises based on lots of trial and error. To create designs is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration. Anyone who says differently is simply wrong. Some designs come easy and just seem to fall in place. Other designs will be long drawn out affairs which may span several weeks of hair pulling agony before they seem to work themselves out.

Sometimes I will awake from a sound sleep and be driven to the computer to design. A friend of mine says the MUZE visits me in my sleep...

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Have you seen how well quartz can perform?


If you haven’t seen how good quartz can truly be, try cutting this design.

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Cristinite Stars Design

Here’s a free faceting design I think you might enjoy. It will work for Cristinite which is a somewhat new synthetic available from CJP Gems or from John Franke at the Facet Shoppe. You could also cut it from Topaz.

I like it set in jewelry point down ENJOY.


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Facet Designer Freeware


For those who would like a copy of Anton Vasiliev’s FACET DESIGNER software here it is. Please note that I do not provide tech. support for this software. The manual is included in the software.

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Bolivian Ametrine Emerald Cut Example

emeraldcut-davidrThis is an example of an 8 X 10 millimeter EMERALD CUT faceted from Bolivian Ametrine by one of our students in class, Congratulations David R. for doing an excellent job.

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